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I will start by saying I had no idea what I was going to write about this week. Then… Bing! Bang! Boom! There were three words on my page. I listed them. I looked at them. I said them out loud. Then realized I could and would use all three.

Short, but to the point.

Censored copywriting inhibits creativity.  If I tell the truth, I’ll make a lot of people unhappy. I can’t shock my customers too much or they’ll take their business somewhere else. This article expands on censorship in social media.

Creativity in copywriting may be propelled by censorHow can I take ordinary words and catch your attention, while being morally and politically correct? Instead of, “I really like sitting on the beach and getting drunk”, how about, “Do you like pina colada and getting caught in the rain?”

Copywriting insists on creativity, but is usually censored.  It appears the words “endless pleasure sticks” has been censored out by the anime industry for being too suggestive. Now, I don’t know what you thought of when you read those words. I thought of a tuning fork.

It’s amazing to sit down to write with not a single idea in your head, and then read the results.

Can you share your censored (or uncensored), creative “copy” with us?  Or just let us know what you think.


B – Brethren

Who are the brethren? Where do they come from? What do they believe?

The brethren history began in the early 1800’s among radical evangelicals, who broke from the Church of England. They were generally dissatisfied with the church officials and were looking for a pure spiritual renewal.  The Brethren have continued to be a ‘movement’, because although there are several assemblies with similar tendencies and beliefs, they have generally resisted taking an official name or denominational headquarters, and do not have to do with each other. You can read more about it here.

The brethren’s beliefs is founded on the principle of Dispensationaliam. This is the belief the history of Christians and God is divided into eras, or dispensations. God offers humanity a path for eternal salvation by following his calling. Each dispensation has ended with humanity failing  Continue reading



Blogging is known to open doors, as well as discussions. Well, today I am starting with an A to Z thematic, weekly post, which will be posted at the beginning of the week. The A to Z posts will be related to a topic beginning with a letter of the alphabet, in sequential order.  Any topic?  Yep, anything at all. How does this tie in with Three Sisters Exclusive? Well, the book is based on my family’s life. I figure anything I’m interested in is naturally part of my life. And as I am writing the story……

But you’re thinking, it is so random. Welcome to my life. Random should have been my middle name.

I’m jumping in at the deep end. I’m going to start with Astrology, the study of the influence of the stars and planets on human affairs. Actually, the Webster dictionary I looked up the definition in has, “The study of the supposed influence of the stars…..”  I smiled to myself when I read it. It is copyrighted in 1995, but I wonder if the editor was, like me, taught the conservative Christian doctrine as a child. I was taught anything related to astrology was heresy and foolish. I did not begin to question this until I was in my forties. And when a person begins searching for answers at that age, they do not accept what is written in magazines and books without first finding out the credentials of the author. This blog doesn’t allow room for all the information (facts, theories, and conjecture) I discovered. But surely the editor of my dictionary wasn’t insinuating the movement of the planets and the stars has no effect on mankind.

This is partly what I’ve learned and partly what I’ve experienced:

  1. There are lunar times that are best for planting certain types of plants. (Farmer’s Almanac)
  2. The position of the planets has an impact on a person’s health. (Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler, & Osama Bin Laden all died between April 30th and May 5th)
  3. Whichever phase of the moon a baby is conceived under determines which phase of the moon he/she is born under. (Wish I’d known this when I was having my babies)
  4. The astrology signs impact personalities. (Do you know any passive Leo’s?)

It would be great to hear from you about this somewhat radical, but still rather common, phenomena. And we can all grow in understanding and knowledge.


This week I’ve been thinking a lot about criticism and the effect it has on us. It has major impact on who we are and what we do, even if we are independent thinkers and doers. The words below were written by Seth Godin. Seth’s repertoire includes entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and agent for change. He has been called the father of permission-based marketing.

He says:

“One of the dumbest forms of criticism is to shout down an expert in one field who speaks up about something else. Continue reading

Book Excerpt

This is a fairly short, but poignant excerpt from Chapter 10:

“Why are you trying to kill my Mommy?” The words pierced the fuzzy haze in my head.

Nothing was hurting me, but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t feel anything. I realized I was lying on my back on the floor of the drawing room, but could not remember how I got there.

The noise and commotion was bewildering. There seemed to be a lot of people milling around and a lot of confusion.

Continue reading

What Do I Do?

Recently, I was asked, “Kerry, what do you do every day?”

Fortunately, I had thought about this before and had my answer ready, because I often ask myself that same question. I’ve written in one of my previous posts about my belief to make every day productive so that I deserve my sleep and rest at night. Please understand this is my personal exercise, and not something I would push on anyone else. And I don’t address this every day, or night, either. For me it is just a pursuit worth achieving.

Anyway, back to that question. My answer depends on who is asking the question. Because I’m not going to tell a potential copywriting client that I’m learning how to play the didgeridoo, or that I’m on a 10-day detox. And when asked by an old acquaintance, I’m not going to give them my 30-second elevator pitch.

But I started thinking that maybe many of you wonder what I do every day. So if you were to ask, this would be my reply (or something similar).

I spend most days developing my right brain and trying to repress my left brain, as it has always dominated my life. I spend a lot of time on the computer, writing, researching, keeping in touch with others, and working on my website(s). I am writing Three Sisters Exclusive with Scrivener on my pc. I’m also writing copy for Tony’s website (www.CaribbeanSodaBlastingInc.com) and the content for WorkingConnectionsInc.com, which will soon be live. I am constantly researching the publishing and copywriting industries. I also collect information for www.OriginalCache.com, which has been on the back burner for a while.  Keeping in contact with my family is crucial to my well-being. If I don’t have contact with each one at least once a week, I go into withdrawal.  While my writing helps develop the right side of my brain, doing craft work nourishes it and keeps it strong. So I spend at least an hour every day working on needlework of some kind.

Just trying to make the most, with what I’ve been given. Right now, that is peace and quiet.

“Love of the Love”

More than counting words

Today, is the 10th of February. I should have an additional 10,000 words. But I don’t. I only have an additional 7,549 to be exact.

As each day has gone by and I haven’t achieved my goal I am more and more disappointed in myself. I feel like I’m letting down everyone supporting me and cheering me on. And that bothers me a lot. I’ve shared how bad it makes me feel with some around me, because that is one of the things I do.

I talk out my troubles. Whatever is bothering me gets aired and shaken in the wind aplenty.  My family will readily agree with this. This morning I called my sister and was sharing with her how stressed I was feeling, and mad at myself. She suggested that I write about it, and that idea lodged itself firmly in my cranium. I couldn’t wait to sit down at the keyboard and see what would come together. … Continue reading

February 6 – 60,260 words

Well, today was a fiasco when it came to writing. One reason is because I downloaded a software program to help keep my manuscript organized. I am not writing it in sequential order. Quite often I need to reference another passage, and it has become time consuming and frustrating to scroll through the 70+ pages. Scriviner is made for lengthy documents and I can tell it will be a huge help. Plus it formats for the Kindle and other eReaders.

And I was also on the phone and in communication a lot with my family. I have a new granddaughter, Ivy May.

Peace comes with knowing we’ve done the best with what we’ve been given.

February First

Is it February that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? No, on second thought, I think that’s March. In any case, my February has hit me like one of those road trains that pass through town every day. I knew it was coming and thought I was prepared, but it still ‘hit me for six’. I can’t believe I’m doing this again.

I’ve committed to writing 2000 words every day this month.

Each night, I’ll post how many words I’ve written that day.  And you, my dear visitors and beloved followers, are going to hold me accountable.

I started off with 51,954 words this morning.

Tonight I have 53,963.

I know it’s 10:00 pm. I got stuck on some legal jargon and a couple of dialogs, but I’m fairly satisfied with my day one efforts.

To Each Their Own

This post isn’t anything to do with Three Sisters Exclusive. But I couldn’t help sharing these pictures. Last Saturday morning about 8 o’clock I was checking out the lawn sales in Alice Springs and saw this guy leading his camel through town. He would stop every few minutes and pull up choice bits of grass and feed his very arrogant beastie. I have to add that this camel was the best looking one I’ve seen since coming to the Alice.

Alice Springs CamelMan leading camel through Alice Springs

While sitting there trying to get a shot of these two nomadic partners, a road train roared by. These are the main movers of merchandise in central Australia, three 80 foot trailers, end to end. And I’ve seen four, but haven’t had my camera handy. It’s quite impressive watching them maneuver the roundabouts and corners. Just a perfect example of the surprising diversity to be found in this quite isolated desert town.

Road Train in central Australia

By the way – a great way to get to know a new community is to shop its garage sales, or lawn sales. You learn the names of the streets and the interaction with local folks is first-rate.

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