Blue sky above Macdonnell Ranges

Photo 1 - Outside My Studio Window

When I’m sitting at my desk Photo 1 is what I’m seeing. That is part of the Alice Springs golf course  outside our back fence. I haven’t played on it yet, because I haven’t had a chance to learn golf, but that is on my to-do list before leaving here. Early in the morning I will walk around it, though, before the golfers come out. I’m a little afraid of getting lobbed in the head. The hills are part of the MacDonnell Ranges , which surround the town.

Our garden in Alice Springs

Photo 2 - Outside our back door

Photo 2 is a picture of our back yard. I’ve come to know that gardening, digging in the dirt, looking for the first sprouts, and fostering plants, feeds my soul. The desert soil needs a lot of help before it will produce much. So I’ve started a compost bin and have been building up the soil with mulch and green stuff. It is spring here now. I’ve planted beans, a pumpkin vine, and lettuce in the bed against the wall. We’ll see what survives the nematodes, the rabbit, the birds, and the aphids.

The words flow as I am able to let go of myself. And it’s easy to lose myself in the wide open sky, the leaves gently blowing in the breeze, or the shadows on the lawn.