A couple days ago I was upstairs in my writing zone, when Angie yelled at me. I detected a note of panic, but I was a little slow coming back down to earth.  I thought I heard her say, “Mommm, come quick! Crack is having babies.” It still wasn’t exactly registering. I thought I wasn’t hearing right. That can’t be right. Crack is a guy. But the third time she screeched, I went tearing downstairs to see what the fuss was about.

Crack is our cute, floppy-eared rabbit. And until today she was ‘Mr Crack’. The people we’d gotten her from told us she was a he. But ‘he’ has been looking rather mangy lately and I thought it strange for ‘him’ to be shedding as it’s starting to get cooler. That morning, ‘he’ had been scurrying around the yard gathering mouthfuls of grass and putting them in ‘his’ burrow.  ‘He’ has been busy digging a burrow in ‘his’ pen for a couple weeks. I hadn’t looked closely at it though, until today. I realized it was quite deep and there was fur around the edges of the opening. Why was he pulling out his fur?  The burrow was much bigger than I’d realized. I couldn’t see the end of it.

What had startled Angie and Lee was that she had bolted out of her little den and deposited a wiggling baby above ground. But sadly, mama died a few minutes later. We felt so helpless. She was obviously in pain, but there wasn’t even time to think of what to do, let alone do anything for her.  We rescued the very squirmy, very tiny baby and wrapped him in a clean rag. Lee investigated the burrow more closely and found another baby, even smaller than the first one, down inside it. While Angie searched online about how to take care of them, Lee went to the store for an eye-dropper.

The first 2 days we fed them about an eye-dropper of milk every 2 hours. Now, they’re drinking about 2 droppers every 3 hours. The smallest one is actually drinking the best. They were cleaned off and dry when we found them.

I’m just sad, and a little puzzled, about what happened to ‘Mrs Crack’. We’re going to miss her.

Baby bunnies Two Baby Bunnies