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The Three Sisters

What does it take for someone to recognize their own gift and accept it? How does a person overcome their feeling of ineptitude and pursue their talent? For Laverne, in Three Sisters Exclusive, it was when she saw herself becoming a ‘robot’ and conforming to the demands of those around her. Not being happy and free to pursue her talent and passion, but only doing what pleased others.

Kelly, on the other hand, believed she was happy and content, only to have everything she was familiar with stripped away. She found what she believed to be true, was false, and what she was content with before, no longer provided any measure of happiness or security.

The youngest of the three sisters, Vivian, grew up rebellious and independent. She was determined to be her own boss and forge her own path in life. And when the time came for her to make the decision of whether to follow her duty, or her desire, she made the choice that was right for her, which is only what each one of us can do.

Three Sisters Exclusive is their story. It is also the story of many others. People who believe they have no choice; people in seemingly hopeless situations; people who defeat the odds and rise above the turmoil and chaos created for their detriment.

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Excerpt 1

It was hard to choose what should be the first excerpt. All I can say is those readers who are expecting a smooth, glossy, ‘middle-of-the-road’ read will be disappointed. As a person, I do not like to dwell on negative, or tragedy. But in real life it happens. It is how we deal with it that shapes how it affects us.

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A short excerpt from “Three Sisters Exclusive”, by Kerry Tickle

The door slams open as I hang up. Lee Jxxx strides through it and leaps over the chair in front of my desk, instead of walking around it like everyone else. Lee’s extra energy adds to his already impressive size. My office is a decent size, but it immediately seems overcrowded and small.

“Nice place,” he notes, looking around. “But it seems a little…” he pauses. “Ahh, no matter, you’re still getting settled.”

“Just say it’s a mess. I know it is. Heck, you know I’m not a clean freak.”

Lee looks me up and down, and grins. “Sure glad to know there’s still some of the Sam Pxxx I knew inside that suit. How about grabbing some lunch over at Lisa’s Cafe?”

Walking across the street with my old buddy, the comfortable ambiance of my hometown washes over me. I had tried living in several places before making the decision to move back. I’d settled in each place, thinking it would be where I would build my client base and law practice,  Continue reading

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