What did I learn in 2011?

I had to think about it a bit, but when it all started rolling in, I realized it was an AWESOME year.

  • I’ve learned first-hand about the desert’s beauty as well as its harshness. There are the cute little wallabies preyed on by the savage dingoes. Giant, age-old trees destroyed by fires that burn out of control. There are colorful, clear sunrises and mystic sunsets obliterated by swirling dust storms. Regardless of the unrelenting heat and arid soil there is foliage covered with brilliant red blossoms growing wild. Underlying it all is a feeling of timelessness, like it was this way thousands of years ago, and will be the same a thousand years hence.
  • I’ve learned more about the people in this town Alice Springs. And I’ve learned that ‘good-old-boy’ system thrives everywhere. Continue reading