Today, is the 10th of February. I should have an additional 10,000 words. But I don’t. I only have an additional 7,549 to be exact.

As each day has gone by and I haven’t achieved my goal I am more and more disappointed in myself. I feel like I’m letting down everyone supporting me and cheering me on. And that bothers me a lot. I’ve shared how bad it makes me feel with some around me, because that is one of the things I do.

I talk out my troubles. Whatever is bothering me gets aired and shaken in the wind aplenty.  My family will readily agree with this. This morning I called my sister and was sharing with her how stressed I was feeling, and mad at myself. She suggested that I write about it, and that idea lodged itself firmly in my cranium. I couldn’t wait to sit down at the keyboard and see what would come together. … Continue reading