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Scattered by the remains

I’m back. I’ve granted myself the permission.

The universe will continue its course whether my intentions become manifest or not. But my little personal universe was shifted again, and my carefully laid out plans and expectations were thrown into arrears again. I am left to make sense of the scattered shreds.

I become a gatherer searching for my sustenance. Finding a new plant with a strange looking leaf, and taking it home with me not knowing what it is good for, but determined to find a use for it.

I guess that sounds rather drastic, but I’m trying to explain why my blog has been silent for so long. The expected 4 years in Australia were suddenly cut in half. So I am writing this at a friend’s table in San Antonio, my new local community, arriving here a few days ago.

Is this where I will be putting down roots and calling home for the rest of my life? I cannot be that bold. I thought I would grow old in Barbados and that certainly wasn’t to be. Then I thought it would be in Kerrville, Texas, but I wasn’t able to make that happen either.  I knew I wouldn’t be in Dallas or Alice Springs permanently, so I didn’t ‘settle’ in either place. But now, I am ready to put down a tap root and anchor myself somewhere. Time will show if San Antonio will be the place for that. But I’ve landed here with my awareness and my mind wide open.

Thank you for your patience and your belief in me.

To Each Their Own

This post isn’t anything to do with Three Sisters Exclusive. But I couldn’t help sharing these pictures. Last Saturday morning about 8 o’clock I was checking out the lawn sales in Alice Springs and saw this guy leading his camel through town. He would stop every few minutes and pull up choice bits of grass and feed his very arrogant beastie. I have to add that this camel was the best looking one I’ve seen since coming to the Alice.

Alice Springs CamelMan leading camel through Alice Springs

While sitting there trying to get a shot of these two nomadic partners, a road train roared by. These are the main movers of merchandise in central Australia, three 80 foot trailers, end to end. And I’ve seen four, but haven’t had my camera handy. It’s quite impressive watching them maneuver the roundabouts and corners. Just a perfect example of the surprising diversity to be found in this quite isolated desert town.

Road Train in central Australia

By the way – a great way to get to know a new community is to shop its garage sales, or lawn sales. You learn the names of the streets and the interaction with local folks is first-rate.

Blue sky above Macdonnell Ranges

Photo 1 - Outside My Studio Window

When I’m sitting at my desk Photo 1 is what I’m seeing. That is part of the Alice Springs golf course  outside our back fence. I haven’t played on it yet, because I haven’t had a chance to learn golf, but that is on my to-do list before leaving here. Early in the morning I will walk around it, though, before the golfers come out. I’m a little afraid of getting lobbed in the head. The hills are part of the MacDonnell Ranges , which surround the town.

Our garden in Alice Springs

Photo 2 - Outside our back door

Photo 2 is a picture of our back yard. I’ve come to know that gardening, digging in the dirt, looking for the first sprouts, and fostering plants, feeds my soul. The desert soil needs a lot of help before it will produce much. So I’ve started a compost bin and have been building up the soil with mulch and green stuff. It is spring here now. I’ve planted beans, a pumpkin vine, and lettuce in the bed against the wall. We’ll see what survives the nematodes, the rabbit, the birds, and the aphids.

The words flow as I am able to let go of myself. And it’s easy to lose myself in the wide open sky, the leaves gently blowing in the breeze, or the shadows on the lawn.

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