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Surprising Revelation

Quite often when working on Three Sisters Exclusive, my emotions become involved with the character I’m writing about. I am left feeling the same as the character who has just gone through a terrifying situation, been hurt in some way, or been treated unfairly. As this is my first novel, I never knew this would happen before I began this adventure. These emotions range from joy and thankfulness, to anger and utter despair. So sometimes the going gets pretty rough and I emerge from my writing feeling like a soggy pumpkin, all lopsided and spongy in places. Or I’d shut my computer with a huff and fling myself out of the room like Captain Hook going after Peter Pan.

I realized I needed to control my emotions or I was going to be a basket case long before Three Sisters Exclusive was finished. I didn’t want to be controlled by my emotions. I wanted to able to control them. I found it exhausting and it was affecting my writing.

So I did some research and found  Continue reading


The Tartuffe

People collect all kinds of things, teapots, stamps, coins, chess sets, etc. I collect words. I have lists of them in files on my computer, in notebooks, and in my email account. Something will remind me of one and I’ll have to go back and look it up.

Recently I had cause to remember tartuffery. I am sure not very many of you have ever heard of it, but I bet a lot of you have run into it on several occasions. A Tartuffe is  Continue reading


I will start by saying I had no idea what I was going to write about this week. Then… Bing! Bang! Boom! There were three words on my page. I listed them. I looked at them. I said them out loud. Then realized I could and would use all three.

Short, but to the point.

Censored copywriting inhibits creativity.  If I tell the truth, I’ll make a lot of people unhappy. I can’t shock my customers too much or they’ll take their business somewhere else. This article expands on censorship in social media.

Creativity in copywriting may be propelled by censorHow can I take ordinary words and catch your attention, while being morally and politically correct? Instead of, “I really like sitting on the beach and getting drunk”, how about, “Do you like pina colada and getting caught in the rain?”

Copywriting insists on creativity, but is usually censored.  It appears the words “endless pleasure sticks” has been censored out by the anime industry for being too suggestive. Now, I don’t know what you thought of when you read those words. I thought of a tuning fork.

It’s amazing to sit down to write with not a single idea in your head, and then read the results.

Can you share your censored (or uncensored), creative “copy” with us?  Or just let us know what you think.

February 16 – 65,508 Words

February 14 – 64,405 Words

February 9 – 63,375 words

February 8 – 62,307 words

February 7 – 61,353

February 6 – 60,260 words

Well, today was a fiasco when it came to writing. One reason is because I downloaded a software program to help keep my manuscript organized. I am not writing it in sequential order. Quite often I need to reference another passage, and it has become time consuming and frustrating to scroll through the 70+ pages. Scriviner is made for lengthy documents and I can tell it will be a huge help. Plus it formats for the Kindle and other eReaders.

And I was also on the phone and in communication a lot with my family. I have a new granddaughter, Ivy May.

Peace comes with knowing we’ve done the best with what we’ve been given.

February 5 – 59,743 words

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