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This is a fairly short, but poignant excerpt from Chapter 10:

“Why are you trying to kill my Mommy?” The words pierced the fuzzy haze in my head.

Nothing was hurting me, but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t feel anything. I realized I was lying on my back on the floor of the drawing room, but could not remember how I got there.

The noise and commotion was bewildering. There seemed to be a lot of people milling around and a lot of confusion.

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Another short excerpt below, from my book, Three Sisters Exclusive.

With our hands on the door handles, Lxxx and I look at each other. I am sure her brash grin reflects mine, as we each take a deep breath and step out of the car. We peek around the garage to see if Mom is at the kitchen window. The sink is right below it. Anyone standing at the sink has a clear view of the backyard. But the window is empty. Hopefully, it will stay empty while we make our way across the lawn to the back door.

My heart is pumping like a trip-hammer as Lxxx quietly turns the doorknob. We know we can’t get it totally open without making any noise, but we move fast so we’re both completely inside and the door shut, just in case they try to stop us from coming inside. We make it and are standing there grinning like idiots when Mom rushes into the kitchen.

“Oh… girls!” She exclaims, “Dxxx, it’s the girls!”

She falters a bit, but then gives a little “humph” and flings an arm around each of us. Lxxx and I throw both our arms around her and we’re all three immobilized by how good it feels to be so close to each other again. I realize how much I’ve missed the feel of her hair against my cheek, the understanding in her eyes, and her fragrance; a mixture of the garden, her Avon lotion, and detergent.

We’re misty-eyed as we pull back from each other. I look up and see Dad standing in the doorway. His face has more lines than I remember. His smile is slow. He doesn’t say anything, but his eyes are watering too, and he engulfs first me, then Lxxx in his big papa-bear hug. Continue reading

Excerpt 1

It was hard to choose what should be the first excerpt. All I can say is those readers who are expecting a smooth, glossy, ‘middle-of-the-road’ read will be disappointed. As a person, I do not like to dwell on negative, or tragedy. But in real life it happens. It is how we deal with it that shapes how it affects us.

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A short excerpt from “Three Sisters Exclusive”, by Kerry Tickle

The door slams open as I hang up. Lee Jxxx strides through it and leaps over the chair in front of my desk, instead of walking around it like everyone else. Lee’s extra energy adds to his already impressive size. My office is a decent size, but it immediately seems overcrowded and small.

“Nice place,” he notes, looking around. “But it seems a little…” he pauses. “Ahh, no matter, you’re still getting settled.”

“Just say it’s a mess. I know it is. Heck, you know I’m not a clean freak.”

Lee looks me up and down, and grins. “Sure glad to know there’s still some of the Sam Pxxx I knew inside that suit. How about grabbing some lunch over at Lisa’s Cafe?”

Walking across the street with my old buddy, the comfortable ambiance of my hometown washes over me. I had tried living in several places before making the decision to move back. I’d settled in each place, thinking it would be where I would build my client base and law practice,  Continue reading

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