While working on the About page of my new company’s website I started thinking about the different ‘hats’ I’ve worn. How many different hats have you worn? Not just the hats related to your careers, or work, but those you’ve donned in your personal lives, as well. Thinking about it, I came up with 25-30 different hats I’ve worn. I realized the hats we wear in our working lives are generally our choices, while our personal hats we assume automatically. For example, our daughter, sister, wife, mother, auntie, and grandma hats we wear compulsorily, albeit gladly (generally). I’m using the feminine, but it is equally applicable to the masculine.

My most recent personal addition to my family of hats is the Grandma Hat. For me, this is a wide-brimmed sun-hat. It portrays relaxed, sunny days, walks in the park, swimming expeditions, playgrounds, and picnics. All things I’ve enjoyed with my grandchildren. Before this there was my Mom Hat. This one is a very versatile, but fully functional, beanie or scarf. It covered more than just a bad hair day. It could change shape and direction at a moment’s notice. It was sturdy, practical, hilarious, and dependable. And it is extremely long-wearing. I’ve worn several daughter hats, from the lacey bonnet, to the rebellious backwards cap and quirky bucket hat, which all slid relentlessly into this small elegant veiled black box that sits awkwardly on top of everything else and is so hard to accept. Probably because it shares the space inexorably with my Mom Hat.

My first working hat was the farmer’s cowboy hat. It was much too large and much too ‘tacky’ for me. Although, looking back, it was a very necessary hat for me to wear and gave me a solid foundation for the others to rest on. The next working hat was the humble employee hard-hat. The experiences while wearing this hat are far too numerous to go into here. It was one hat I tried hard to get rid of, but it seemed stuck with some serious hold-a-ton and took decades to get rid of. I tried to dislodge it with the graduate Mortarboard, the bookkeeper’s Derby, the techie Beanie, and the pompous Bowler and Top Hat, but it refused to budge. Finally, it gave way under a triple onslaught from the Mom Hat, the writer’s Ascot, and the wanderer’s Ghutrah. I think the crafty little fuzzy beanie was involved somewhere in the upheaval too, but I’m not sure how it managed this.

I could go on much longer sharing some of the inspiring, life-changing, heart-stopping, hat-in-the-air moments I’ve experienced, but you’ll have to wait until Three Sister’s Exclusive is finished. You’ll be able to read about most of them in it.

Meanwhile, leave a blurb. I would love to hear about any of your ‘hat’ moments.