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To Each Their Own

This post isn’t anything to do with Three Sisters Exclusive. But I couldn’t help sharing these pictures. Last Saturday morning about 8 o’clock I was checking out the lawn sales in Alice Springs and saw this guy leading his camel through town. He would stop every few minutes and pull up choice bits of grass and feed his very arrogant beastie. I have to add that this camel was the best looking one I’ve seen since coming to the Alice.

Alice Springs CamelMan leading camel through Alice Springs

While sitting there trying to get a shot of these two nomadic partners, a road train roared by. These are the main movers of merchandise in central Australia, three 80 foot trailers, end to end. And I’ve seen four, but haven’t had my camera handy. It’s quite impressive watching them maneuver the roundabouts and corners. Just a perfect example of the surprising diversity to be found in this quite isolated desert town.

Road Train in central Australia

By the way – a great way to get to know a new community is to shop its garage sales, or lawn sales. You learn the names of the streets and the interaction with local folks is first-rate.

The Three Sisters

What does it take for someone to recognize their own gift and accept it? How does a person overcome their feeling of ineptitude and pursue their talent? For Laverne, in Three Sisters Exclusive, it was when she saw herself becoming a ‘robot’ and conforming to the demands of those around her. Not being happy and free to pursue her talent and passion, but only doing what pleased others.

Kelly, on the other hand, believed she was happy and content, only to have everything she was familiar with stripped away. She found what she believed to be true, was false, and what she was content with before, no longer provided any measure of happiness or security.

The youngest of the three sisters, Vivian, grew up rebellious and independent. She was determined to be her own boss and forge her own path in life. And when the time came for her to make the decision of whether to follow her duty, or her desire, she made the choice that was right for her, which is only what each one of us can do.

Three Sisters Exclusive is their story. It is also the story of many others. People who believe they have no choice; people in seemingly hopeless situations; people who defeat the odds and rise above the turmoil and chaos created for their detriment.

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2012 – Newyearitis?

I call it Newyearitis. You may call it new-year resolution, or simply baloney. ‘Itis’ is a Greek suffix meaning ‘a burning sensation’, and every year, about this time, I succumb to it.  It will burn and itch and become super inflamed. It starts as an idea the first week of December. For a few days I toss it around in my head and then it lodges in a corner and starts to fester. I think if I ignore it, it will go away, but it gets bigger and bigger and starts to suck in other thoughts. To get it out of my head and get some relief, I write it down. But then it is visible and instead of throwing it away, I play around with it and change it up a bit. By the time January rolls in, I have plans written down, goals set, and I’m ready to jump into it; which is right about NOW.

It may be something minor such as reading a new book, or rearranging the furniture. Or it may make more of an impact such as moving to another country or starting a new business.

You know the traditional Newyearitis of starting a new diet or new exercise regime? That was the year I joined Weight Watchers. It lasted until March and I’m no longer missing the pounds I lost.

One year I set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, & Timely).  I wrote them all down. But the paper I wrote them on disappeared and only resurfaced 3 years later when I was moving house.

This year I’m doing it again. I can’t help myself.  A new year is a new beginning; a new chance; a fresh opportunity; and another new road leading to somewhere I’ve never been.

Cheers to 2012!

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