Okay, I know I probably shouldn’t be writing here, because I’m behind on my word count on Three Sisters Exclusive, but I have the next chapter outlined and ready to jump into. I am looking forward to getting it all out of my head, but quite often I have to rig up a heavy-duty hoist and a lot of cables to budge it at all.

Right now, I’m drawn to my characters.

Who are the Three Sisters? Where do they come from? What are they like? Are they actually sisters?

They are blood sisters, Lxxxx, Kxxxx, & Vxxxx. I will identify them like this because I haven’t given them their fiction names yet. They are each 2 years apart in age. Lxxxx is the eldest. When the story starts, she is twenty-two. She is a gifted artist and musician, held down by traditions and fears. Kxxxx is an independent thinker who constantly pushes the limits, and consequently, often finds herself in challenging circumstances. Vxxxx is probably a genius. She uses her intelligence to start a career in law, but allows herself to be derailed by conforming to religious fundamentalists. This doesn’t sound very smart, but you’ll have to read the book to find out how she uses this to her advantage. When the story begins the girls are also sisters in an elite religious cult, the Exclusive Brethren.

Do they stay in it and conform?

Do they leave it and chart their own path in life?

What do YOU think they should do?