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Brain Dead

I had to share this, but it is going to be brief.

Sitting down at my desk in Alice for the first time in 8 months. I was responding to my emails and deciding what I’m going to do with my day. Thinking of getting in 1000 words on the manuscript. Well, the laugh is on  me. I went back over the email I was drafting…..I had used the word ‘consider’ twice, and the word ‘consideration’ twice, IN THE SAME SENTENCE!

I guess the 20+ hours of travel, going through several time zones, and changing hemispheres has taken its toll.

Maybe I’ll just unpack and take a walk before getting down to any serious writing.

I am fiercely afraid

I am a writer, an entrepreneur, a traveller, a baby boomer, a bookkeeper, an art curator, a homemaker, but I am not a ‘blogger‘.

Right now I am listening to one of my favorite songs, Sirius, by The Alan Parsons Project, which empowers me and helps me introduce myself to the world.


Most people call me Kerry. Others call me Mom, Mum, or Mumsie. A few call me Grammie and Auntie.

I have moved to and settled in three countries, experienced very different cultures, and done many different kinds of work.

I am writing a book, which I will go into more detail about later. I generally live life backwards. I sew my own clothes, write ad copy, get out of my comfort zone quite often, create with wool, am open to new ideas….

I enjoy writing, working in my garden, swimming in the sea, spending time with my family, meeting old friends and making new ones, reading, learning new things, seeing new places, music, getting back to my roots…

This week I read these words from Haruki Murakami. They pretty much mirror how I’ve felt for a while, “I felt that the indispensible relationship I should build in my life was not with a specific person, but with an unspecified number of readers.

As a naïve young girl, fresh out of school, I moved to the tropical paradise of Barbados. I lived there for over 20 years, grew up, had my babies, and established a thriving business. Then my world fell apart and I found myself on my own with my children. And when I say on my own, I mean it. My husband abandoned the family. My in-laws, most of my family, and everyone I knew would have nothing to do with me.  Now, you’re probably thinking I had committed something grossly wicked or been convicted of a heinous crime of some kind. I suppose for a while I thought I had. But the fact is the only thing that changed is I finally decided to make my own decisions and not let someone else tell me what to do. My family and friends labeled me a wickedly independent, in-subject, ungovernable Jezebel.

After picking myself up off the floor and waking up from Prozac, I decided to move myself and my children to Texas. It took me 3 months to get together enough money to buy the immigrant visas and air fares, get rid of what we couldn’t keep, and we landed in San Antonio with 21 pieces of luggage and $2800 in my pocket. I had no driver’s license, no transportation, no credit history or credit card, no job, and no place to live. But I had six of my eight children and enough audacity to turn it all into a jolly adventure.

Ten years later, my children were, for the most part, living successful lives of their own choosing. I had bought and sold my first home, completed a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and worked my way through being an independent contractor, multi-level marketer, office administrator, accounts payable manager, and small business bookkeeper;  my last j.o.b. position consisted of putting out payroll fires in corporate America.

I now call Alice Springs, Australia my home. Getting here had its own challenges. And when I leave here, I will once again be starting a new life, probably in yet another country. Why not?
I’ve made amazing discoveries about myself and the world at large. I have tapped into a strength inside myself that I didn’t know existed. Extreme situations have held me in their grip and I’ve felt the downward pull of a huge sucking vortex and at times have had to fight with everything at my disposal to pull myself inch by inch to the rim and then by grabbing at everything within reach finally pull myself over the edge, and slowly get on my feet again. Each time, I was a little stronger and the vortex wasn’t able to suck me in as far. So that now, I only hear it rumble and am able to look at it and laugh. And it is the most amazing thing to be able to truly laugh in its face. What is this mighty whirlpool? For me it is life itself. For you it may be something else. For me it is waking up in the morning, or bringing in the mail, or answering my phone. Each of these has rendered me helpless in the past. But that is the past. I do not know what today will present to me. I do not know what I may have to deal with when I answer the phone, but I do know that when I shut my eyes tonight, I will deserve the sleep I need and will have lived every minute of the day…..

Oops! This probably should have all been posted under About.

Next time I’ll tell you about the three sisters.

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